MIM Process

 MIM (Metal Injection Molding) is a well established technology within the Metal Forming Industry. Parts made MIM route are being routinely used in various applications such as Auto components, Telecommunication, Mobile Handsets, Aerospace, Watch Industry, Entertainment Industry, Medical Electronics, Orthodontics, Surgical Equipment, Textile Machinery etc.

Simplified version of the Process looks like this:

Maximum benefit can be derived from MIM process by optional designing which after molding, de-binding and sintering achieves a net shaped final part and thereby totally eliminates or minimizes the need of secondary machining operations. This result in an eminently low cost and low manufacturing lead time solution.

MIM scores over all other metal forming techniques when
  • Parts are small but complex
  • Existing process involves large number of process steps
  • The Cost of Conversion is very large in comparison to the material cost.
  • The large Part volume production can be made only by putting large Investments in Conversion Lines with additional manpower
  • Higher process Rejections during conversion.
  • Product consistency in bulk production is a priority.This includes not only design consistency but uniform material density throughout the article.