The automotive industry was relatively late Entrant but woke up aggressively to the Possibilities of using MIM technology for its products. Today the automotive industry Is a bulk consumer of MIM products as MIM satisfies its toughest performance parameters for complex parts at most affordable costs. GEP Tech-MIM is ideally placed to offer Automotive parts as its parent GEPT Ltd. Has a cumulative expertise of over two decades In exporting automotive components to Detroit (USA)

Multi Stage Partnership
At GEP Tech, we do not merely manufacture components in a passive way; there is an active interaction with the client right from the pre-design stage. We assign our design experts to study the clients’ problems as well as material selection; there is a meaningful exchange of ideas and feedbacks on products pilot trial run. There is a creative partnership at every stage which guarantees successful incubation and metamorphosis of initial idea into a satisfactory product reality.
GEP Tech-MIM offers a single-shop complete solution to your product Development needs. This is because GEP Tech-MIM has not only expertised in MIM technology but over two decades experience in other areas such as CNC machining, buffing, heat treatment and wear- resistance / corrosion-resistance surface coatings. Our clients do not have to coordinate their efforts and time with multiple agencies that would otherwise result in split responsibilities and also result in higher cost and longer lead time for the clients. With GEP Tech-MIM the client is assured of A to Z solution with a dedicated single –point responsibility.
GEP Tech-MIM has for years been involved in precision manufacturing of components from a wide array of materials. Leveraging on its past experience-bank of successful   product designs, we are able to offer our customers the best options in the choice of materials to meet their most challenging needs.
MIM Automative Products
  • Injector nozzles
  • Housing
  • Rocker amrs
  • Connectors
  • Turbocharges vanes
  • Sensor housing
  • Actuators
  • Spools
  • Clips
  • Guides