The industrial applications require a combination of high performance parameters. From shape and dimensional fidelity over the entire batch to uniformity in density in the entire body structure coupled with strength, corrosion resistance and thermal resistance-GEP Tech MIM is fully equipped to meet the most rigorous product requirements of the clients.

GEP Tech-MIM has developed and honed its skills to ensure fast track product development. It has a dedicated team of engineers to study the initial seed-idea of customer or analyse their problem. They are able to impart rapid feedback to the inhouse design team which grapples the new design issues headlong, undertakes rapid prototyping and getting validation from the client and finally hands over the task of mass production to the production team. The whole process is done on a war footing to compress months of activity into weeks. Moreover GEPTech- MIM is also capable of taking up multitask product developments – a full basket of new products of a client or several clients can be taken up simultaneously for rapid development instead of one product at a time.
GEP Tech-MIM has for years been involved in precision manufacturing of components from a wide array of materials. Leveraging on its past experience-bank of successful   product designs, we are able to offer our customers the best options in the choice of materials to meet their most challenging needs.
 GEP Tech-MIM not only has expertise in MIM technology but several decades expertise in other areas such as CNC machining, buffing, heat-treatment, wear-resistance coatings and offering assembly services for sub-assembly components so as to achieve a ‘Fit & Forget’ ultimate solution for our clients. We are thus able to save our clients’ time, effort and cost.
MIM Industrial Products
  • Pins
  • handles
  • clamps
  • connectors
  • spools
  • Sprockets
  • chucks
  • guides
  • hooks
  • holders
  • Fingers
  • mechanical hardware parts
  • drilling tools