About Us

Mission Statement

"GEPT Ltd will be the high value and low cost hassle free reliable supplier of MIM parts. Our Mission is to understand  accept meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers."

About GEP Tech

 We at GEPT Ltd are India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of spare parts for packaging industry, textiles and automotive sector.

 We are over 2 decades old company specialized in industrial spare parts and have attained reputation as a dependable single stop source for development of high performance critical arts. Our parts are compatible and interchangeable with OEM assembly parts.
In earlier years, our accent was on developing various import substitution Components for German, Austrian, Swiss and Japanese machines which gave us rigorous training in incorporating international quality norms into our products. Today GEP Tech products are accepted by quality conscious reputed companies worldwide in over 30 countries.
With its latest generation MIM facilities comprising of German Injection-Molding, Catalytic Debinding Equipment and Vaccumised Sintering Oven, GEP Tech is well poised to offer you quality backed most effective answers for your products, spares and sub-assemblies. We indeed look forward to receiving your inquiries and shall be happy to offer lasting solutions to your product requirements.