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GEP Tech-MIM (a division of GEPT Ltd.) –Your Specialist in MIM for all your precision and complex parts.
Metal Powder Injection Molding (MIM) has rapidly gained ground due to its versatile applications and ease of product development of intricate parts in metal forming industry. Due to its innovative multiple advantages, it is being rapidly adopted by quality conscious product design engineers for new products as well as existing products.
MIM combines the ease, simplicity, product-consistency and productivity of plastic injection-molding with excellent mechanical and thermal process as well as strength/tenacity of metals. MIM can achieve this for most complex and intricate contoured articles apart form plain shapes and is eminently routed for medium and
bulk production of small parts.
Based on many years of experience in design and production of precision components for engineering and automotive industry, GEP Tech new specializes in making Metal Injection Molded (MIM) products for various industries.